Reprint of PAN Card Change/Correction in PAN Data

Documents to be Submitted Along with the Application

Proof of Identity and Address
·         Documents which are acceptable as proof of identity and address are mentioned in detailed instructions for documents to be submitted.
·         Proof of Identity and address must be in the full expanded name of the applicant as mentioned in the application form.
·         If the applicant is a minor (i.e. below 18 years of age at the time of application), any of the documents acceptable as proof of identity and address of any of the parents/ guardian of such minor shall be deemed to be the proof of identity and address of the applicant.
·         Proof of address in the name of spouse/parents/sibling etc will not be accepted as valid proof of address.
·         Proof of Address is required for the address mentioned in “Address for communication” in item no.7.
·         If item no.8 is ticked & filled in, proof of address mentioned therein is also required.
Proof of PAN
·         Proof of PAN is required for the PAN currently in use (i.e. existing PAN). This is required for the PAN mentioned at the beginning of the application before item no. 1
·         Proof of PAN is also required in case of cancellation request for any PAN, i.e., for any PAN mentioned in Item No. 10
·         Proof of PAN can be one of the following only:
o    Copy of PAN card; or
o    Copy of intimation letter issued by the Income Tax Department in lieu of PAN card intimating PAN.
o    In case one of the above proofs are not available, a copy of FIR (stating loss of PAN card) can be submitted.
If proof of PAN (as stated above) is not submitted, the application will be processed on a ‘good effort’ basis even without a copy of FIR. During verification at NSDL, if it is found that there are differences between the PAN or the data provided in the application with the ITD database, the application may not be processed and the processing fee will be forfeited.
Proof for Change Requested
The applicant shall be required to provide further documentary proof to support request for correction or change in PAN data like name, father’s name, date of birth, for example:
·         Request for change (marginal correction like spelling correction, expansion of initials, etc.,) in applicant’s or father’s name will have to be supported with suitable proof of identity containing corrected data.
·         Request for change (significant change) in applicant’s or father’s name will have to be supported with such proof that will contain proof of change of name from the old to the new in addition to the proof of identity. The documents that shall be accepted as proof in this case are:
o    For married ladies – change of name on account of marriage – marriage certificate, marriage invitation card, publication of ‘name-change’ in gazette, a certificate from a gazetted officer stating name change, copy of passport showing husband’s name.
o    For individual applicants other than married ladies – publication of `name-change’ in gazette, a certificate from a gazetted officer stating name change.
o    For companies – ROC’s certificate for name change.
o    For partnership firms – revised Partnership Deed
o    For other categories which are registered organisations (AOP/Trust/BOI/AJP, etc.) – the revised registration/deed/agreement.
·         Request for correction of date of birth (for individuals) and date of incorporation (non-individuals) will have to be supported with documents issued by competent authority containing the correct date.
·         The address for communication in the ITD database will be updated with the address for communication mentioned in the application, even if change in address for communication is not requested in the application.
If the core data relating to the PAN (the applicant’s name, date of birth, father’s name (for individual), name and date of incorporation [for non-individual]) provided in the application substantially varies with the PAN data in the ITD database and the applicant has not requested for the change in the same with sufficient support documents, the applicant will be intimated of this variance. In such case the applicant will have to provide necessary support documents.

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