Lingua Service Worldwide Vacation ‘N Learn ® Application Form

Lingua Service Worldwide Vacation ‘N Learn ® Application Form
To Register for a program with Lingua Service Worldwide you must:
    1.  Complete the application form.
    2.  Return the application with a $100.00 application fee.
Please note: Presently, payment may not be made online.  Payment must be made by mail or fax.
Registration & Payment Options
1.  You may print out the application form (or contact us for a form) and send it to us by mail or fax along with your application fee.
2.  You may register online, and send payment separately by mail or fax indicating that you have registered online. 
Foreign Language Study Abroad Programs Since 1988
Welcome to our online brochure where you will find information on foreign language courses offered at language schools abroad!
Lingua Service Worldwide, Ltd., an independent language study abroad agency, represents private foreign language schools all over the world that specialize in offering “full immersion” language program opportunities. These foreign language study abroad programs have been developed with the purpose of teaching a new language within its own setting in a short period of time.
Whether you are looking for an immersion language program to learn Spanish in SpainFrench in FranceItalian in Italy or many other destinations around the world, we have the right foreign language program for you.
There are literally thousands of foreign language schools offering full-immersion programs. We have selected the ones we consider the best in each country and are proud to represent them. Lingua Service Worldwide does not own or have a vested interest in any of the language schools we represent and can therefore provide you with unbiased information to assist you in choosing the right school or program to accommodate your individual needs.
Our international staff has traveled, studied and lived overseas for extended periods of times, and are able to offer suggestions and insight derived from their personal experiences. The language schools are also visited and inspected by our staff on a regular basis to ascertain that the quality of the programs is maintained by each individual school. Take a look at our programs today!

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