DV Lottery Requirements

DV Lottery – Native of Qualifying Country
As part of the DV Lottery requirements, you must claim nativity in an eligible country with a low immigration rate to the United States. According to the DV Lottery Program, the “native country” is normally the applicant’s country of birth regardless of the person’s country of residence or citizenship. Under Section 202 (b) of the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA), however, it is possible for applicants to participate in the DV Lottery program if they:
Are able to claim their spouse’s country of birth.
Are the minor (under 21 years of age) dependent of a parent born in an eligible country and can claim the country of birth of that parent.
Were born in an ineligible country of which neither of their parents was a resident or a citizen at the time of the birth, and they can therefore claim the country of birth of either the father or mother.
Note About DV Lottery Eligibility: Even if you are not eligible, if your spouse was born in a qualifying country, you can claim his/her birth country on your own DV Lottery application. Additionally, if you were born in an ineligible country but neither of your parents was born or resided there, you can claim the birth country of your mother or father on your own application. A statement of explanation will need to accompany your application.
DV Lottery – Education and Training
All applicants for the DV 2014 Green Card Lottery must have one of the following:
A high school diploma or its equivalent, meaning the successful completion of a 12-year elementary and secondary education program.Note that a high school equivalency exam is not acceptable.
Two years of work experience during the past five years in an occupation which requires at least two years of training or two years of experience to perform.
DV Lottery – Age
There is no minimum age for participation in the DV Lottery Program. However, due to the educational and training requirements for qualification at the time of issuance, most persons under 18 years of age do not quali
Registration fee
Single application for one year
Single application for two years
Single application for three years
Single application for four years
Double (Family) application for one year
Double (Family) application for two years
Double (Family) application for three years
Double (Family) application for four years

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